Board and Committees

Board meetings normally take place at the clubhouse on the third Tuesday of each month, starting at 7:00pm. Please check the Calendar page for the specific date each month.

2018 Board of Directors

Scott DeFrain President 989-506-3343
Matt Tracy Vice President 989-289-9333
Jerel Konwinski Treasurer 989-239-2620
Amy McGillvary Secretary 989-773-9651
Frank Andera Trustee 989-773-5383
Lance Ruter Trustee 989-621-2794
Dick Nethers Trustee 989-621-5503
David Randall Trustee 989-304-1089
Harry Ross Trustee 989-239-2738
David Sembach Trustee 989-772-5208
Kim Klumpp Trustee
Rich Nestle Trustee 989-506-2493
Mike Wood Trustee 989-773-2641

2018 Standing Committee Chairs

Sporting Clays Lance Ruter
Rifle/Handgun Range Harry Ross 989-239-2738
Police Range Jerel Konwinski
Trap Range Dick Nethers
Archery Range Jesse Skinner 989-444-9097
Hunter Safety Education Dave Randall 989-304-1089
Clubhouse Rental Amy McGillvary 989-773-9561
Clubhouse Maintenance Jerel Konwinski
Clubhouse Organization Amy McGillvary 989-773-9561
Grounds Maintenance Lance Ruter
Growth Committee Scott DeFrain
Membership Frank Andera
Public Relations Amy McGillvary
Website Scott DeFrain
Newsletter Amy McGillvary
4-H Shooting Bob Andrews
Habitat Management Scott DeFrain
Cabin Fever Auction Dick Nethers
Gun Show Matt Tracy
.22 Benchrest Rich Nestle 989-506-2493
Large Bore Matt Dardas


To contact the club or for more information, please email: